Back in April 2020, Google introduced new ‘short names’ to all Google My Business profiles. A custom URL link that could be used to share your profile and reviews form.

As of now, June 2021, Google have removed this feature for new profiles, and updated how these links show for existing profiles.

What have Google said?

In a Google My Business Help post, they have updated the short names advice with the following:

What is a Google My Business Short Name?

All Google My Business profiles let you add lots of information about your business. Appearing just below the phone number in the business dashboard, you could add a custom short name for your profile.

The example below is the how the short name appears for Ceilidh Tree – a wedding and party organiser for a Ceilidh themed events and performances, who perform throughout the UK.

Google My Business Remove Short Names


You had been able to set your short name as anything you wanted, as long as it was not already taken. You could only change this 3 times a year.

What could you use a Google My Business Short Name for?

With your short name you could share a direct link to you Google My Business profile. The main link would open your Google My Business profile in Google Maps.

What could you use a Google My Business Short Name for?

As you can see from the screenshot above, the link is now a jumble of letters and numbers. This link would have included your short name.

You could also share your review form, which when clicked would open up your Google My Business review section, so someone could leave a review with ease.

This share link is still active on the Home section of the business dashboard.

Share your Google My Business Review Form from the business dashboard

I have a new Google My Business profile, how can I share it?

It is a shame Google have removed the option to share your profile or review form with a simple link, but not to worry.

If you have a website, you can create a redirect, that goes to your Google My Business profile.

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