Google will be updating the Google Ads Policy in August 2021, this will introduce new verification requirements for Financial Services advertisers targeting the UK.

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Google will publish this new policy on August 30th 2021, and enforce it seven days later – meaning that if your ads don’t comply, they will be removed.

What is the new Google Ads Policy?

To show financial services ads in the UK, through Google Ads, you will need to be verified by Google. You must demonstrate that you are authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA) or qualify for an exemption.

Does this affect me?

If you don’t run any financial services ads, or ads that show for people looking for financial services, you don’t need to do anything. If you do run such ads, you will need to submit an application form. See details below.

How do I comply with the policy?

You need to fill out the UK Financial Services Verification form through the Google Ads Help Centre.

Here you will need to provide your contact details (which will be auto-populated by Google if you are signed in) and the account you are using.

It will give you a drop down to select the appropriate account. You will then need to check one of the following boxes:

When selecting the ‘I am…UK FCA-authorised’ choice, you will then need to provide further details of how you are applying, and details of your UK FCA authorised representative.

When selecting the ‘exempt’ choice, you will need to provide details of your authorised representative.

Once you submit your application form, the Google Ads team will get back to you.

What if I manage several Google Ads accounts?

If you manage several accounts, or work for an agency on behalf of a client or business, you will need to submit a form for each account individually.

What happens if I don’t apply?

Are there any exemptions?

Ads related to the following categories will not be considered financial services for the purposes of this policy, but are still required to comply with all other Google Ads policies:

  • Products in scope of Debt services policy
  • Products in scope of Complex speculative financial products policy: contracts for difference, rolling spot forex, financial spread betting. Ads for this category will be able to target UK users seeking financial services as long as they meet the requirements of Complex speculative financial products policy and complete verification, if requested by Google.
  • Gambling (see Gambling and Games policy)
  • Products in scope of Cryptocurrencies, Credit repair, and Binary options policies

Requirements for Authorised Representatives

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