After months of saying that the Structured Data Testing Tool was going to be shut down, Google have stopped support for the tool, as of 10th August, 2021.

Now when you visit the tool, you are redirected to a new landing page on Google Search Central.

Google Search Central

You will now be directed to use Google’s Rich Results Test or the Schema Markup Validator on

For fans of the original Structured Data Testing Tool, don’t worry. The new Schema Markup Validator is almost a carbon copy, for the tool you know and love, visit

What have Google said?

Structured Data Testing Tool Shutdown

What’s the difference between the Rich Results Test, and the Schema Markup Validator?

Each tool does the same thing – each will validate your schema markup, and tell you if there are any errors or warnings.

The difference between each tool, is that the Rich Results Test will test your schema markup through Google Bot for Desktop or Mobile (you can chose when testing) – and will tell you if your markup supports rich results in Google Search.

Whereas the Schema Markup Validator will show if your markup is valid – but does not test this with any search engine bots.

If you want to learn more about Schema, you can see my guide below on how to write your own markup. Plus, see my review and guide on a schema markup generator from Merkle.

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