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My name is Phil Isherwood and I am an digital marketing consultant, currently I work for Adtrak in Nottingham.

Welcome to my website!

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I have been a digital marketing consultant for just over 5 years now.

I am here to help local businesses across the UK to thrive online. My first rule is that the customer is always first – I work with my customers to make sure they get the best service for them, that is suitable.

So many agencies push services and upgrades, that at the end of the day, don’t provide any real benefit. I tailor my work and services to ensure it is the best for my customers.

I have the privilege of working alongside many experts from across multiple disciplines of digital marketing, using collective efforts to create strategy and success for clients.

I work with many UK clients across different industries, along with clients in the US.

I complete full SEO set-ups for brand new websites, and recently re-designed websites, helping to increase Google rankings and generate business leads.

Alongside this, I optimise Google My Business profiles and build local links in directories. I have lots of knowledge across multiple online tools.

I specialise in SEO, Content, Schema Markup, Google My Business and Citation building – with customer focus at the centre of all my work.

Working with the email marketing platform Aweber, I assist a freelance client and help manage a successful email marketing campaign with a landing page connected to a Google Ads Campaign – all of which I setup.

Take a look at my experience and qualifications on my LinkedIn profile – connect with me if you have any questions, or message me on Twitter.

I enjoy creating content around digital marketing, and ever since I wrote my first article, featured on Adtrak’s blog, I have been adding content to my website ever since.

I now have 2 articles featured on Adtrak’s blog:

  1. Why is Google My Business So Important for Local Businesses?
  2. What are Google’s Core Web Vitals?

On my website, you’ll find resources, articles, setup guides, how-to guides and related news – from across different tools and platforms I use everyday.

See my certifications below, and visit my LinkedIn profile to see all my certifications.

Level 4 Diploma in Digital Marketing - Phil Isherwood

Qualification Verification: 601/2447/7

Verification Code: MY765DGBS

Why is my content different?

There are many guides for the same thing, and they all seem to be formatted the same way – ‘this is how you do it, if you don’t know how, that’s not our problem‘.

I want to change that. My content is easy to read and follow, with images and clear instructions.

I want to build a resource hub for consultants like myself, individuals, and businesses looking to improve their digital marketing skills, or simply learn more.

I am looking for fresh content and collaborators, so if you want to write some content, or guest post in an article, please get in touch!

Just over 5 years now. I started an apprenticeship in ‘Digital Marketing & Social Media Level 3’ in 2015. I became interested the industry back in 2014.