Google Posts are the posts you can add to your Google My Business profile. In recent months it seems that posts are starting to appear in different places.

Do they show in the search results?

To an extent yes, if your Google My Business profile shows in the search results (this is your full profile, also known as ‘the knowledge graph’), or on Google Maps, your posts will show with your profile.

But no, they don’t appear as an actual result on the search results page.

How do I add a Google Post?

If you have a Google My Business profile, you can add a Google Post at any time.

Log in to your profile and go to ‘Posts’. Here you can post updates about your business.

During the covid-19 outbreak, you can add a custom covid-19 post for business updates.

How to add a Google PostWhere will my posts appear?

When your Google My Business profile appears in the search results, be that on desktop, mobile, or on Google Maps – your latest posts will appear near the bottom of your profile.

A post will typically last around 7 days, that will actually show with your profile. Posts will not be removed, but just not shown directly after 7 days.

If a profile has not added any new posts within 7 days, you will see a message near the bottom of the profile which says “Updates from Business Ltd. View previous updates on Google” – from here you can see a list of posts.

How to see posts on a Google My Business profile

It has been seen that some posts appear as ‘related to your query’ – these tend to appear as a small line of text in the Maps Pack, and at the top of a profile on Google Maps.

This is an example where the user searched for ‘Roller Shutters Luton’ – and a post from the business has been related to this query, and shows under their details in the Maps Pack ⬇

Google Posts appear in the Maps Pack as 'related queries'

For the same query, now on Google Maps, a snippet-like version of the post appears before the address and details of the business.

Google Posts showing as 'Related to your search' on Google Maps listings

How do you get a post to be ‘related to a query’?

It is not entirely clear, but if take the example above we can gather that the post have these core details;

  1. The post includes a key product / service offered by the business
  2. The post includes keywords related to the product / service
  3. The post content is optimised to the query
  4. The post is formatted as a question and answer
  5. The post links directly to a well optimised article

It is difficult to even suggest how to make or structure a Google Post to get it to show in the search results – if you have good content on your website that is related to a query on Google, make a post about it!

As you can see from the example, the said post was originally added on February 21st, 2020. As of now (April 2020), it almost 2 months old.

Post types

There are 4 different post types you can use; (5 including covid-19 update)

Offer Post

With the ‘Offer’ post you can add a discount or seasonal offer for people to use, or simply to advertise. For example, if you have a 20% off spring sale.

With the ‘offer’ post type, you can add;

  • an image
  • offer title
  • start date + time
  • end date + time
  • offer details*
  • coupon code*
  • link to redeem offer*
  • terms and conditions link*


What’s New Post

The ‘What’s New’ post is post about updates for anything you like. This post includes a set of 6 predefined buttons for you to add information. With this post type you can add;

  • an image
  • text
  • a button

The button on this post type can be used for different options including;

  • Book
  • Order online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Call now*

*the ‘Call now’ button will pull your business phone number from your profile. All other buttons require a link.

Event Post

The ‘Event’ post can be used to advertise an event that you are holding, similar to the ‘Offer’ post, you can set;

  • an image
  • event title
  • start date + time
  • end date + time
  • event details
  • a button*

*this button allows for the same options as a the ‘What’s New’ post type.

Product Post

It is not clear if all profiles have access to the ‘Product’ post. This can be used to directly add a product to your profile – with the following details;

  • an image
  • product name
  • category
  • options for a fixed price or price range field
  • price
  • description
  • button*
  • product details

*this button is only for a link to your product, but includes the predefined options;

  • order online
  • buy
  • learn more
  • get offer

This post type works quite differently now. Google had updated how profiles work, this made changes to how categories and products work.

Before the update, you could add a product as a post to your profile, and that is where it would show. But now, all products added as a post, have to be under a category, and will appear as a direct product on your profile.

Product posts no longer show as a post on your profile in the search results.

You can add products to your profile through the ‘Products’ page on your Google My Business dashboard, but be aware that adding a product as a post will not add an actual post, but just update your products area.

No matter if Google keep changing where the posts show, or how they show – it is certainly a benefit to keep your GMB profile updated with posts.

The Google My Business profile featured in this blog is from Royal Industrial Doors.

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