During the outbreak of covid-19, it is important to let your customers and clients know what you are doing as a business. If you have a Google My Business (GMB) profile, there are some simple updates you can make to ensure information is clear.

Update your business details

Make sure that all your business details are up to date. If you have changed your phone number, or altered your open hours, you can update them on your listing. Go to your GMB profile and click on ‘info’ – here you will see a pencil near items to edit.

Post a ‘COVID-19 update’

Google have recently added the posts feature for a ‘COVID-19 update’ – as far as I can see, this acts like a Google Post, but will show for a longer time on your profile.

Google My Business covid-19 post type

This new style of post does not have the option to add an image, but you can add a message and an optional button.

Post a general update

If you have an update for people, post it to your GMB profile. Ensure that you add an image, all the information people need to contact you, and what you are doing during this situation. Add a button to directly call you or link to your website.

Setting your profile to ‘temporary closed’ or ‘permanently closed’

It is important to remember that applying one of these settings with add a large red banner on your GMB profile.

Temporary Closed banner on a GMB profile

If your business is still operating, but not from your business address, it is not recommended to set ‘temporary closed’. From the outlook, it could seem that you are no longer offering your services.

How to set your profile to ‘temporary closed’ or ‘permanently closed’

If you need to do this, as your business has temporarily closed, you can do so by going to the ‘info’ section. You will see the options on the right side.

How to set your profile to 'temporary closed' or 'permanently closed'

For some businesses, this is needed, like the example above. However there is a better way to show that you are still active, and to show your business address is temporarily closed.

Set ‘special hours’

On your GMB profile you can set ‘special hours’ – most typically used for holidays. Even though this is manual, you can set a range of dates that you are not open. Your profile will still show as normal, but your open hours will show as closed.

In the info section, below your open hours, there is a section for ‘special hours’.

Set special hours for your GMB profile

You can set each working day to ‘closed’ for as far as you need to. For example, the end of the month. You can then go back and review these date, and update them if needed.

I hope that this helps you with updating your Google My Business profile. Know someone who could benefit from this post? Share it with them ⬇

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