There have recently been some new updates to Google My Business profiles, these include the ‘Call’ button showing in the Desktop Knowledge Panel, and updated opening hours showing on profiles.

Since the impact of Covid-19, Google have updated Google My Business profiles with more information and features. The most used and beneficial of these new updates have been updated opening hours and covid-19 related posts.

New Call Button on GMB Knowledge Panel

When a Google My Business (GMB) listings appears on the right side of the desktop search results page, this is called the knowledge panel.

Google have now started to add a ‘Call’ button these results. Previously, you could only see 3 buttons, but now you can see 4.Call Button now appearing on Google My Business knowledge panel in Desktop Search Results

  1. Website
  2. Directions
  3. Save
  4. Call

This update is not showing on all versions of Google Search at the moment. But it is fair to say this will roll out to all devices and users very soon.

Add ‘Online Service’ Opening Hours

You can add more than one set of opening hours for your Google My Business profile.

When on your profile, scroll down to your opening hours, and click on ‘More Hours’. Profiles can show opening hours for several specific services.

Add Multiple Sets of Hours to your Google My Business Profile

There are 10 options to add specific open hours for your profile. Most relate to resultants and food businesses, however now there is a new ‘online service hours’ option.

  • Access
  • Brunch
  • Delivery
  • Drive through
  • Happy hours
  • Kitchen
  • Online service hours
  • Pickup
  • Senior hours
  • Takeout

To note: At the moment the Online service hours option does not affect your main opening hours. This however does add a new section to your profile. ‘See more hours’ appears next to your main open hours.

Show more hours on Google My Business profile in the Search Results

When you click on ‘See more hours’ – you get a pop-up with the list of times.

List of multiple open hours on Google My Business profiles in the Search Results

Thanks to for this example.

With more and more featured being added to Google My Business profiles, it is important to make sure that your profile is updated.

Google My Business Update FAQs

You need to ensure you have a phone number on your Google My Business profile, and your listing is verified.
Go to your Google My Business account and click on ‘Info’. From here scroll down to your opening hours. You can edit them here.
Go to your Google My Business account and click on ‘Info’. From here scroll down to your opening hours, and click on ‘More Hours’. You can now pick what your updated opening hours relate to, and add your times.

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