Now known as ‘Google People Cards’ – these new virtual business cards have started to appear in the search results in India.

In a recent Google India Blog post, Google have revealed their new virtual business cards, available for everyone with a Google account. (At least in India for the time being).

The new virtual business cards are designed for anyone who is looking to improve their presence online. Be that business professionals, performers, or anyone looking to build their own online presence.

New Google Virtual Business Cards - 'Add me to search'

This is great news from Google, as this is yet another avenue people can use to advertise and get their details online. Google India announced that the virtual business cards are rolling out in English on mobile devices as of August 11th, 2020.

What does it look like?

Google have provided a nice gif to show this:

Google People Cards Rolling Out In India

Are the new Google People Cards available for everyone?

Not at the moment no, just in India. There is no news yet from Google if they are deciding to roll this out to other countries. But I am sure this will come to US and UK some time later in 2020, or 2021.

How do you create a Google People Card?

This is only for users in India at the moment. In the blog post, it says that you can create new ‘people card’ through your Google account. You have to search on Google: ‘Add me to search’ – and then follow the prompts on screen.

You are only allowed one people card is allowed per Google Account, and a phone number is required to authenticate it.

What can you add?

You will be able to set your name, profession and location – along with links to your website and social profiles. The blog post mentioned that you can even set a phone number or email address on the virtual card.

Google have noted that if you want to remove your people card, you can at any time. Also, to avoid spam and false listings, you can provide feedback and report a people card.

These look very similar to the search results features for high-profile individuals and celebrities, it is nice to see Google offering some ‘search real estate’ to smaller professionals and individuals.

See the Google Support post for more details here.

I can’t wait until this feature is rolled out to the UK, what do you think?

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