A few months ago, Google My Business conducted some user research into the possibility of paid subscriptions for Google My Business profiles and features.

Back in April 2019, Google My Business started a survey that asked questions about features and pricing points.

You can see screenshots of the survey here. One questions asked the user to select the most preferable option from a set of ‘four feature bundles and a Monthly Subscription Fee’.

Now it seems that Google will start to offer paid upgrades for Google My Business profiles very soon. Starting from $50 per month, for eligible businesses.

Twitter User Tom Waddington (@tomwaddington8) posted an image of a landing page, from Google.

Google My Business to offer Paid Upgrades from $50 per month

According to this image, the $50 subscription will add a ‘Google Guaranteed’ badge – and starts by saying ‘stand out with an upgraded business profile’. Suggesting that this badge may not just be visual, but may boost profiles in the search results or Maps Pack.

At the moment this is a very early screenshot, as far as I am aware, nothing has officially come out from Google yet regarding this.

I would rather wait for official word from Google before I give my opinion on this.

What do you think?

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