Microsoft have just unveiled their new analytics tool, Microsoft Clarity. A free analytics tool to measure user experience on your website.

The new Clarity analytics measures user experience across your website with; session playbacks, heatmaps and insights. The tool can also be linked to your Google Analytics account.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

Clarity is a new analytics tool from Microsoft that records sessions on your website (with video playback) and provides heatmaps and insights into the data collected.

Microsoft Clarity - The New Analytics Tools for User Experience

What does Microsoft Clarity measure?

Clarity measures lots of metrics, including;

  • Sessions
  • Pages per Session
  • Scroll Depth
  • Engagement – The average active and inactive time from users on your website
  • Dead Clicks – User clicked or tapped on a page with no effect
  • Rage Clicks – User rapidly clicked or tapped in the same small area
  • Excessive Scrolling – User scrolled through a page more than expected
  • Quick Backs – User navigated to a page then quickly returned to the previous one
  • Popular Pages
  • Referrers
  • Sessions with JavaScript Errors
  • Browser
  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Country

Clarity Analytics Dashboard Demo

There is a free to use demo of the Clarity dashboard that anyone can view. Click here to try the demo. See an overview of the dashboard below.


The main dashboard shows and overview of all the metrics and data collected, in several widgets. Each shows a default range of data, that can be expanded on.

As you see, there is a date range and filter in the top left corner. This demo is set to the last 3 days.

On certain widgets, you can go directly to recordings.

Microsoft Clarity Dashboard Demo


The recordings section lists the session playbacks that Clarity has recorded of recent users to the website.

The left hand column shows a list of sessions, with quick view information about; the entry and exit page, the time and date, number of pages viewed, duration, clicks, device, operating system and country.

By clicking a session on the left, the video will play in the centre.

The timeline at the bottom of the video highlights clicks with a vertical line, and also has a sound que when someone clicks – quite a nice feature.

You can also see the users mouse on the screen with a red tail following its movement – another nice feature.

There are options to go back by 10 seconds, and you can toggle a ‘skip inactivity’ button in the bottom right.

Microsoft Clarity Session Playback Example


With the heatmaps section, you can select a page of your website (just the Clarity landing page for this demo), and you will get an over image of the heatmap.

You can filter by device and scroll with options at the top. The heatmap shows all areas of clicks on the page, with red areas being lots of activity, and lighter blue areas with less activity.

When you hover over the heatmap, Clarity will automatically show (with a highlighted box) how much activity there has been, in that exact point on the page.

The ‘Click Data’ in the left column identifies areas on the page, like a button – and you can click them to see where that item is on the page.

As this is a brand new demo, you can’t quite scroll down the full page at the moment.

Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps


I really like the new Clarity tools from Microsoft, this was quite a surprise to be honest. I have added the code to my website, and hope to see some data coming through soon.

What do you think of Clarity? Have you added it to your website yet?

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