Since the new update to Google Search Console, there has been a very sort-after feature – Request Indexing. This feature in Google Search Console could be used to request that Google index a page. But due to technical issues, the feature has been disabled.

On 14th October, Google updated their ‘Data anomalies in Search Console‘ mega thread – which details updates and issues on the platform. They said;

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Frequently Asked Questions

This feature allows you to manually submit a URL to Google and ask them to index it. This can be any URL on your website, be that new or old. Many SEOs use this feature when a page (or URL) has been updated or added to a website.
Google have not provided many details, as the cite in their update, it was due to ‘data anomalies’ – it could be that they have been overloaded recently, or are updating the tool.
When it was enabled, you would use the search bar in Search Console to find the URL you wanted to index. Then you would test the live URL, and then you could ‘Request Indexing’. But you have to have a verified website in Google Search Console first.
It’s hard to say exactly, but Google said it would be ‘in the coming weeks’ – so we can expect at least a few weeks. Maybe by the end of October, or start November, we will have an update.
Good question – and I have the answer! Take a look at my ‘How to Submit Content & New Pages to Google‘ guide for all the information you need, on how to make sure Google index new pages and content on your website.

I hope this helps, and as always, find this useful?

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