It looks like the Google My Business Insights Report is getting a brand new look – with an updated interface and navigation.

I manage several GMB profiles, and came across this message in the ‘Insights’ section for a US client:

Google My Business Getting New Look Insights Report

When you click on the ‘See new profile performance’ it shows call and message data, and your top search queries.

This new report is very new, and most of the data from the current insights report is not included. As the message says, it will be added soon. Hopefully this means we will get all the current metrics in the new report and nothing will be missing.

If the new Google Analytics 4 or New Google Search Console has taught us anything, it’s that not everything from the old version is included in the new version.

The new-look data is easy to use and navigate, as you get a graph for total interactions, and can navigate between just calls or messages.

Calls and Messages in the New Look Google My Business Insights Report

This is a change from how ‘interactions’ are shown now, but it is not clear if Google will add in Website Visits or Direction Requests to this chart.

When you scroll down you can see your top search queries.

Top Search Queries in the new look Google My Business Insights Report

Clicking ‘See more’ will display all the search queries recorded in the date range.

You can now pick a specific date range, but only in monthly increments. In the current insights report, you can view your data by 1 week, 1 month or 1 quarter – and that’s it, no date involved. To see the start and end dates for these ranges, you have to see the graphs.

Date Range on New Look Google My Business Insights Report

The link in the message at the top goes to a short post from the Google My Business Help Centre.

It’s good to hear we are getting more data to report on, and to see how well our Google My Business profiles are performing. But it is still a shame that we will only get data up to 6 months at a time. This could hint at paid Google My Business plans that could offer more storage for reporting tools.

What do you think? Can you see the new-look report on your Google My Business profile?

You can see more Google news and resources on or visit my Google My Business Resource Centre (more coming soon!)

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