With your LinkedIn profile you can look for jobs that match your skills and talents – with the latest update you can add a new #OpenToWork photo frame to your profile picture to let companies know you are looking for opportunities.

What’s the green circle on LinkedIn profile pictures?

You might see a green circle on some LinkedIn profile pictures, it is the new #OpenToWork photo frame.

The new photo frame works similarly to temporary Facebook profile photos. The new photo frame adds a green circle with ‘#OpenToWork’ on the bottom left side, over the top of your profile picture.

#OpenToWork Photo Frame on LinkedIn Job Search

On LinkedIn you can set your profile preferences when you are actively looking for a new position.

What does Open To Work mean?

LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork means that you are looking for employment, or a new job. It clearly shows other companies and recruitment agencies that you are looking for work.

The 2 options are to ‘share with recruiters only’ or to ‘share with all LinkedIn members’. Now when you choose to ‘share with all LinkedIn members’, the new #OpenToWork photo frame will be applied.

How to set the #OpenToWork Photo Frame on LinkedIn

LinkedIn are sending out emails with information on how to set your #OpenToWork photo frame.

This is a nice addition for LinkedIn, as many people will be looking for new opportunities during the covid-19 pandemic. This as a clear indicator for profiles and a will hopefully make an impact for those using it.

Career Advice

There is no point telling you that job hunting is easy, especially in this climate. It is difficult with all the uncertainty, but there is lots of help and advice out there.

See below links to the Career Advice centres on 4 of the biggest job search sites – these are full with articles and material on advice for job hunting, career progression, CV writing and much more. All recently updated.

  1. Reed.co.uk – Career Advice
  2. Indeed.co.uk – Career Advice
  3. Monster.co.uk – Career Advice
  4. TotalJobs.com – Career Advice

Free Digital Skills Courses

If you are looking for a job and don’t match the criteria, or if you want to grow your skills, there are many free courses out there.

Check out my resources on ‘Free Google courses to improve your digital skills‘ and ‘The Skills Toolkit for Digital and Numeracy Skills from Gov.uk‘ which list several courses across digital marketing from the likes of Google and Lloyds Bank.

For more information, see LinkedIn’s help centre post.

Find more resources on phil-isherwood.co.uk

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