I have been using the Sitebulb Website Audit Tool for a few months now, and I have to say, I am very impressed with it. I have used several website crawlers and audit tool, and nothing quite compares to Sitebulb.

Plan: Pro
Version: 4.5.0
OS: Windows 10
URLs per Audit:
Hints: 300+
Audits: Unlimited

Shout out to Geoff Kennedy for approaching me with the opportunity to use Sitebulb.

What is Sitebulb?

Sitebulb is not just a regular website crawler. Audits with Sitebulb analyse your website and provide data from an SEO perspective. The tool guides you through your audit with actionable insights, and over 300 detectable issues.

Each hint and priority is explained in the tool, and further guidance is given if you want to learn more. You can directly see which URLs have issues, and mark them as ‘fixed’, within the audit itself.

Not only can you audit a website from an SEO and technical perspective, you can also work through and update your website, marking them off as you do so.

For me, the best features of Sitebulb are that you can crawl any website, and they have a clear prioritisation system for all hints – so you can see what issues need to be fixed as soon as possible. Also, it is visually easy to use and navigate.

With Sitebulb, you know what you are looking at, and what it means. Thanks to the extensive on-site resources and guides Sitebulb provide, there is always an explanation if you need it.

Review Rating

From using Sitebulb for several months, and auditing a variety of websites, I have to say this is the best crawler I have used. Comparing this directly with Screaming Frog and Ahrefs Site Audit Tools, I find Sitebulb to be the most user friendly.

The best thing I find is that I can work on a project, all in Sitebulb. I can mark items I have updated, and export all the information I need.

Sitebulb is a must for any agencies or consultants looking for a detailed, simple auditing tool. I can export the data I need, send PDF reports to clients, and get a general overview of a website’s performance with an intuitive dashboard and clean reports.

Review Score: 10/10

  • Easy to use
  • Detailed information
  • Compare audits
  • Multiple tools
  • Crawl maps
  • Full resources for documentation and hint explanations

Don’t just take my word for it, see the hundreds of reviews on Sitebulb’s website.

How does Sitebulb compare to other Website Crawlers?

Sitebulb offers the on-demand convenience of a desktop crawler, with the scale and reporting power of a cloud crawler.

Desktop CrawlersCloud CrawlersSitebulb
Crawl on demandYesNoYes
Realtime crawl feedbackYesNoYes
JavaScript crawlingYesNoYes
Crawl unlimited domainsYesNoYes
Crawl large websitesNoYesYes
Actionable HintsNoYesYes
PDF ReportingNoYesYes
Visual reporting interfaceNoYesYes
Organize crawls in projectsNoYesYes
Compare crawl dataNoYesYes

Using the best of both worlds, Sitebulb has the features of desktop and cloud crawlers, with all the best bits.

Is there a free trial?

Download and launch Sitebulb now, to start your fully featured 14 day free trial.

Free 14 Day Trial »

Another reason to get Sitebulb is that they are constantly updating it with new features. See the full list of the release notes here.


Unlike some crawlers that are online only, you can review your audits and work on your projects whilst offline. You have to be online to run an audit, but it’s nice to see you can still use the program without having to be online or sign-in.

I have had an audit running in the background, and I have been able to use my PC as normal, I can’t see any performance issues whilst running an audit. No matter how large the website is.

Sitebulb Website Crawler Overview

When you open up Sitebulb, you start on the Projects screen. From here you can see all your projects in a list, have access to multiple tools, including help and advice.

You can start a new project from here, or go to the details of other audits you have run. If you have been running an audit in the background, this will also appear in progress on this screen.

From here you can navigate to the last audit that was ran for a project, or go to the project itself to see all the audits in that project.


When you start a new project, you can have multiple audits of a website. With this you can run audits and compare your changes. Better still, you can mark changes and fixes you have made through the hints section, so you can keep track of what you have done, and what you are working on next.

Auditing a Website

When you start a new project, you will be able to name it what you want, and add the website URL with options to run through HTTP or HTTPS.

Starting a New Project Audit with Sitebulb
You also have many options for every audit you want to run.

  • Crawler Settings
  • Additional Data
  • Extraction
  • URLs Sources
  • Audit Scheduling
  • Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings you can go through and set every aspect of the audit; ignored hints, included and excluded URLs, how the crawler works, and much more.

With the default settings, you can click ‘Start Now’ in the bottom right corner, and Sitebulb will being to crawl your website.

Starting an Audit with Sitebulb

The audit screen gives you a live snapshot of which URLs are being crawled, the audit progress, and a quick view on the type of URLs being crawled. You can leave this in the background, and it will notify you when it is ready.

Sitebulb Website Audit in-progress

When it’s done you will have your full website audit report, with multiple details and hints to work from. Plus, you can export the data to a PDF, CSV file, or to your connected Google Drive account.

With the Pro version, there are over 300 hints in an audit. Learn about each hint and what they mean with Sitebulb’s extensive resources.

You can also use several tools for see more data and site visualisations.

Tools include;

  • Single Page Analysis
  • Fetch and Render
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Mobile Friendly Test
  • Structured Data Checker

With the Site Visualisations you can see Crawl Maps and Directory Maps.

If you want to see what an audit looks like, I would highly recommend to download the free 14 day trial, these reports are fantastic.

Free 14 Day Trial »

Sitebulb Website Audit Dashboard Report Example

Sitebulb System Requirements

To run Sitebulb, you need a computer. That’s it. The program works on most common laptops and PCs.

Be sure to checkout the Sitebulb website and follow them online for the latest updates and news!


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