Google have announced that all searches on mobile will now feature continuous scrolling. This was announced on Google’s Keyword Blog on October 14th, 2021.

When searching on mobile and you reach the bottom of the page, the next set of results will automatically load in.

Back in January 2021, Google redesigned the mobile search experience to what we see today. Building on bringing more focus to information, making text easier to read, using more screen space, and highlighting what is important.

Continuous scrolling coming to Google Search on Mobile

This is a great improvement for usability and user experience for Google, but what does this mean for SEOs?

Will continuous scrolling impact mobile rankings?

There are many platforms out there that track rankings – where you website appears in the search results, for a certain keyword or phrase – and all track desktop and mobile rankings separately.

You have probably seen some comments going around that this new continuous scrolling means that everyone is on page #1 of Google, on mobile. But I don’t think that will be the case.

You still have a physical position in the search results on mobile, no matter if the page continuously scrolls. So I would be on the look out for your platforms sending out updates or testing new reports.

Some of the most common rank tracking platforms available are Ahrefs, SEMRush and AccuRanker. Who it’s fair to say have not had the best time trying to get accurate tracking with all the changes and developments in the search results, over the last few months.

When will continuous scrolling be rolled out?

Safe to say it will more than likely be rolling out worldwide in the next few months.

New Mobile Search Statistic from Google

In this blog post, Google mention that:

I find this really interesting, as it’s common knowledge that on desktop, people very rarely go past page 2. There is no data to back this up, but it makes me think.

Google searches on mobiles are notorious for having lots of information, laid out so you don’t need to visit a website, or click on a result – you can read and find the information without leaving the results page.

So this does not come as a surprise to me, as I would expect to see less results of actual websites whilst browsing a search on mobile, than compared with a desktop search.

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