In an update to how Google use featured snippets in the search results, you are now taken directly to the part of the page the snippet refers to.

In an update June 3rd 2020, Google announced on twitter that pages with a featured snippet will now scroll to highlighted text, as show in the snippet. This is now live, and is automatic.

Here is an example of a featured snippet for a blog post from Royal Industrial Doors.

For the example search: ‘can I paint my roller shutter doors’, the following snippet is shown:

Google Featured Snippet Update June 3rd 2020

When you click the link, you are sent to the blog post, and the page loads on the highlighted text we see in the snippet:

Google change the URL of the original page, so it loads on the highlighted text.

Original URL:

Featured Snippet URL: (shortened, click for full)

This snippet URL loads the page directly on the highlighted text, and for this example there is no scrolling. This is same on mobile.

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